Friday, October 24, 2014

Hoppy Friday - Naps on the Porch

Hi ya! Did you have a fun week? I sure did. I have been working on some new designs for 2015. I'm so excited to share them with you I could pop!!! I'll give you some details in a few weeks.

Today I wanted to share my back porch with you. I am truly blessed to be able to work from home. While it is rather lonely sometimes, the trade off is the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want.

At the end of summer, I got these new cushions on clearance. We're talking major clearance! Yipeee! I think they look pretty good. The tree has lights in it, which is so pretty at night.  I would like to paint the concrete next year or maybe put some slate tile down.

The tree is fake. This is the only real plant I haven't killed. David takes care of the yard. Thank goodness!!

Speaking of yards, this is the view of my back yard from the porch. I love to watch the sun on the water throughout the day. It's magical. Plus, I truly love to watch all the wildlife visiting the pond. It's so fun. It use to be all forest back there and then the neighborhood grew. I still really miss all the trees. They were beautiful.

I'm not really a "lunch" person per say. I like breakfast and dinner food best. So, instead of taking a lunch break, I take a power nap. I'll stitch for a while on the back porch, do paperwork, draw or answer emails. Then, I'll take about a 20 minute nap. I must say, it's one of my most favorite things to do.

So what about you? Do you take naps on your porch?

Hugs and hoppy Friday!
Michelle and the fuzzy ones

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 43 Fellowship of the Flowers

Week 43 is here already. Only 7 weeks to go! I can't wait to show you this month's project!

This week the daisy returns.

Here is what it looked like before I stitched it.

I also added the baby rick rack.

There have been a bunch of requests for baby rick rack so I have added some available in my SHOP. There are one yard cuts of ten colors.

So what have you been working on?

Michelle and the fuzzy ones

Monday, October 20, 2014

Following the light

Hi ya! How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful! It was a weekend of quilting. I went to a guild event, more on that next Monday and spent the weekend finishing up the piecing of my PHD (project half done).

The setting sun was so beautiful that I decided to photograph this quilt top outside. My fence seemed to be a perfect spot. I have had the blocks for this quilt since 2005! It's for my best friend, Beth. Thank goodness she doesn't redecorate her house that often. I haven't made a pieced quilt in years so it was fun to work on this for a change although it was also difficult as I'm not very good a "scrappy" quilts. I think it turned out okay and I know Beth will like it. That's all that matters. It's heading to the long arm quilter on Tuesday.

After I photographed my quilt, I got sidetracked in the yard by my little apple tree. Again, I loved the look of the setting sun against the red of the apples and green of the leaves. This is my most favorite time of year.

As I entered my house through the "friend" door, I stopped to turn on my willow lantern. I love how this lantern looks here and the shadows it creates on the wall. I think it is a warm, cozy welcome to all my friends.

Light, love and hugs to you,
Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina too

Friday, October 17, 2014

Some random Happy things for this Friday.

Hoppy Friday! I hope you had a fun week. It's beginning to cool down around these parts and finally starting to feel like fall. Yippeee!

There were many things that made me happy this week. First was going to my favorite town here in NC, Wilmington. David finally had off from work so we went down there for the day. We had a wonderful lunch and I had my Starbucks' grande breve latte. We also drove around and explored more of the area. We even drove past a film crew! We were wondering if they were shooting for the Sleepy Hollow TV show.

This is a cottage I'm in looooove with. I want to move into this neighborhood and live in this house. I wonder what the owners would think about me constantly stalking their house. hee,hee,hee

 Isn't it the cutest? I love the green. 

I spent a bunch of time in Bunnyville this week working on a special project. Here's another sneaky peeky. I'm keeping my bunny ears crossed that something special will come from this project.

Of course while I was working, I had to stop and pet the bunnies a million times. Harrington's wonky ear and his soft little self, always makes me happy.

Hannah's star on her nose always brings me good luck. I'm happy and grateful that while her health issues still flair up and will never go away, I have managed to keep them under control. She is such a lovey girl and blesses my life every day.

Sabrina had her hysterectomy a week ago and is doing really well. She has decided she likes to hang out and play in our whirlpool. Hey, at least somebunny around here likes to use it! ;) I have a video on my Facebook page if you want to check it out. I haven't been able to get a good photo of her yet. She's always wiggling around!

Finally, I was so excited to be able to see the moon eclipse. I love the moon and this was a totally cool sight.

So, what made you happy this week?

Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina too

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fellowship of the Flowers week 42

This week the cone flower returns.

The little baby rick rack returns too.

I thought some french knots would be fun on top.

How are you coming with your flowers and projects? Have you tossed them all in a pile until winter? hee,hee,hee.

Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina too