Monday, September 15, 2014

Steam A Seam 2 Sale and my friend Michele Marll

Hi ya! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was spent having a yard sale and cleaning. Not much fun at all, but it sure does feel good to have things weeded out.

While I was weeding out, I came across a box of Steam A Seam 2 fusible web. This is the original brand, which is no longer being made. It is 12" wide and originally sold for $6.50 a yard. I am selling it for $3.00 a yard in my shop. So if you are a diehard Steam A Seam 2 fan, hop over and get some before it is gone for good! Oh and don't forget that the Valdani 3 strand floss is still on sale! :)

I'm super excited to introduce you to my very talented, designer friend, Michele Marll, of The Quirky Hare & Co. Well, you know I love her not only because of her name, the name of her company, but also because she designed the most adorable bunny Block of the Month!

This is Annabelle

and the BOM is all about "The Adventures of Annabelle." This is the January block. Isn't it darling? It has patchwork, wool applique and stitching. I love it! Of course, I also love Annabelle the doll and I want Michele to make a pattern for that too. Hint..Hint..Hint. :)

Michele has opened a Craftsy store where she is offering this BOM. Hop over and check it out! I know you will want to start stitching this up right away. You can also visit Michele at her blog. Tell her the bunnies, Sabrina, the cuddle puddle and I say hi!

Oh, I almost forgot again! I wanted to say congratulations to Valerie (Val) Reynolds of Val's Quilting Studio, who was the winner of my prize for the Pets on Quilts show this year.

This is what she won. So happy you liked everything Val! Congratulations!

Hope you have a fun week. :)

Michelle and the fuzzy crew

Friday, September 12, 2014

7 year blog celebration Winner!

Thank you so very much for your kind comments and thoughts on blogging. I truly appreciate your feedback and you have helped me plan for next year.

I'm going to continue blogging, but starting in January, I will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way I can keep up and I can also focus on some fun things like FREE tutorials and videos! I will be sharing my new designs, other artists I discover and...

of course, there will always be rabbit and animal tales to be told. ;) So, I do hope you will continue to follow along with my adventures down the rabbit hole. It means so much to have you here with me.

Now onto our winner. Congratulations to my talented friend, Wendy of Ravenwood Whimsies! The random number generator chose number 119 and that would be you!

Wendy makes some of the most charming creations. I have purchased several pieces from her. I know she will put this wool and thread to excellent use. Congratulations Wendy!  (Send me an email to confirm your mailing address)

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.

Light, love and hugs to you!
Michelle and the fuzzy crew

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fellowship of the Flowers week 37

Another week went hopping on by. Good gracious!

This week the cone flower returns.

Here's how it looked before I stitched and embellished it.

I think the cone flower is my favorite of all of them. Which one is your favorite?

If you are new to our blog, you can click on the Fellowship of the Flowers tab above to learn more about what we are doing. 

Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway on the previous post. The winner will be selected Friday!

Michelle, the Bunnies, Sabrina and the Minions of Mayhem (aka kittens)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Celebrating 7 years of blogging with a Giveaway!

Honestly, I cannot believe I started this blog seven years ago! I remember watching the movie Julie and Julia and being inspired to start a blog.

Back then I wasn't really sure what I would write about. I was a project manager/interior decorator for a custom home builder. Most of what I wrote about was house stuff. When I look back through my posts, I have to laugh over all the interior design changes my house has gone through, not to mention my hairstyle changes! :)

It's funny how blogging became my "open diary." A place where I share my ups, my downs, my bunnies and my dorkiness with you. It's amazing to see how my posts and words back then were all part of the path to bring me to this place, this little moment.

Time won't slow down (Sydney Snail in my driveway one night). It just goes by faster and faster. Lately, I find myself singing this from Rob Thomas.

"Our lives are made 
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists and turns of fate.
Time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain."

I can't help but feel that my blog is simply that. A place where little moments of my life remain, like capturing the moon in the middle of the day.

So in celebration of seven years of blogging moments, I am giving away this 100% wool charm pack from National Nonwovens and

my Valdani hand-dyed, size 12, Folk Art Fusion,

pearl cotton collection.

The past seven years have brought many changes to the blogging world. I use to read blogs as a hobby. It was a way to relax after a 12 hour day working in construction. Now that I work for myself, I'm lucky if I can visit with my blog friends once a month. I'm wondering if it is the same for you? Do you read blogs anymore, or do you spend most of your time on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where you don't really have to comment?

With that question in mind, to enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post letting me know if you still read blogs or if you spend your time on other social media sites. The bunnies, kittens, Sabrina and I will use the Random Number Generator to select the winner this Friday, September 12. This giveaway is open to all our friends around the world.

Enjoy this video of Small Hours by Rob Thomas.

Thank you for being part of the little wonders and small hours of my life.

Light, love and hugs to you,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hoppy Friday! A Cuddle Puddle Update

Well, the Cuddle Puddle is growing up fast. I can't believe they will be six weeks old this Sunday.

They run around like crazy little maniacs and make me laugh so hard when they attack their Mama. Sabrina joins in the fun all the time. There is a party in my bathroom every day! hee,hee,hee.

This is Zeva. She will be going to live with good friends of mine in Virginia Beach.

Zeva was the first to do everything, including eat cat food.

She is so adventurous and such a sweet girl. They are all still nursing, but they have started to eat the hard food. They didn't like the wet kitten food and they will only eat Sabrina's dry food, not theirs. The vet told me it was fine, so I'm just going with it.

Here is D.K. (David's Kitty) He is still available for adoption. He is a super sweet boy and likes to be held.

He loves to hang out with Sabrina and play with her tail. He also loves toys.

Here is Shamus de Barrington.

Shamus is a love bug.

He is the biggest of the four and loves to stretch out on the floor and in their bed. His markings are just gorgeous. Yes, he has crossed eyes. Everyone agrees it makes his personality. It doesn't stop him from running and playing. The best thing is that my friend Gerri, Shamus' new mom, loves him just the way he is. That makes my heart so happy.

Here he and Zeva play on the climbing thing I got them. I think this was the best $17 I have ever spent. They all love this thing.

This is his favorite place to take a nap.

And, here is Miss Tiggy Wiggins.

She is forever trying to get my towel. 

She melts my heart. She has been adopted by a friend of mine in Northern VA. It kills me...really, really kills me to let her go. I'm so attached to her and Sabrina.

They are all litter box trained. It took one day, but I did have to get a special litter because they kept trying to eat it! This kind is made with wheat, can be flushed down the toilet, is good for the garden and won't hurt them if they nibble it. Miss Tiggy Wiggins decided to climb into Sabrina's potty bucket today.

Not because she had to go potty, but because it made an excellent place to hide so she could jump out and swat her brothers on their heads! hee,hee,hee.

Sabrina is just the best Mama. She is doing really well.

She is happy here and feels safe with me. The vet verified that she is completely blind in her right eye. Every time I think about all she has been through, I could cry.

 I'm truly grateful she is here with me. She is very special.

Yes, they are growing up fast, but they still love to cuddle together and take a nap.

It can be in the middle of the floor, or

sometimes they take one giant cat nap with Sabrina.

Wishing you a sweet and peaceful weekend.

Michelle and the fuzzy crew.